Ambassador Assistance Animals International
AAAI     (Ambassador Assistance Animals International)

offers  unique highly specialized  TRAINED DOGS, to meet
any individual special needs and/or disability; AND

We also offer training packages, complete training
programs and individual training topic manuals to assist
you to "train- your-own" Service Dog and Therapy Dog
We have placed many highly specialty trained  Certified
SERVICE DOGS, and many specialized Certified THERAPY
DOGS as well.

We have a Certified  SERVICE DOG or certified THERAPY
DOG for you!
Another Service Dog Graduate
Service Dogs  and  Therapy Dogs
Psychiatric Service Dog
Remember  "Duke?"  He was
a little pup, above, and now
look at him, below! He now
is a Certified Service Dog,
Guiding his owner and being
his owner's eyes!

Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs 4 U
New students and recent graduates!  We have a few new
Service Dog and Therapy Dogs in-training and recently
graduated!  Two year old Yellow Labrador Retriever, "Maggie,"
one year old Miniature Australian Shepherd, "Sage," 8 month
old Yellow Labrador Retriever, "Phoenix," and 5 year old
Greyhound, "Olive." Please visit us soon to see their pictures!

We train all different types of Service Dogs, including:

Mobility, Balance, Hearing Ear, Psychiatric Service Dog,
Autism, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral and
Learning.  All are Certified for Legal Public Access.  Most of
our Service Dogs are priced from    $
5997.75 to $7995.50.  
Each Service Dog is also automatically trained as a Therapy
Dog as well.  Seizure Assistance Service Dogs are priced
from $8794.50

Therapy Dog   from  $775.25  to $2995.75

Remember Chocolate Labrador Retriever, "Duke?"  He is
now a "Big Boy," and doing marvelous work for his "pet
person," as a Seeing Guide Service Dog!

Seeing Guide Dog  from $10,995.75 to $19,995.25
*Residency Program Included*  Call us or email us for the
details of the Residency  Program.  Typically, we have our
Residency Program in a Bar Harbor, Maine.  The stay in a
hotel 5-person kitchen-suite includes meals and the
finishing training to teach you how to use the Seeing Guide
Dog tools around town in Bar Harbor in public access, as
well as the equipment and ID. *Then there is a brief stay in
YOUR area by our Seeing Guide Dog training staff, if
needed.  This will be included in the range of pricing quotes
above.  When we travel outside of our area, the costs are
higher, but included in the range of costs as indicated
above.  All of our Service Dog and Seeing Guide Dog and
Hearing Dog training packages are thoroughly described in
detail in our "Training Agreement" with you.   
AAAI Service Dog & Therapy Dogs   offering
highly specialized  trained SERVICE dogs

We also have training packages for YOUR
dog, to meet your individualized special
needs, for those of you wanting to TRAIN
YOUR OWN SERVICE DOG,with legal public
access rights

We have Seeing Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs,
Mobility, Balance, Psychiatric Service Dogs,
PTSD, Behavioral & Learning Disabilities
Service Dogs, AUTISM Service Dogs,
Medical Alert Service Dogs, Seizure Alert
Service Dogs, Certified Therapy Dogs

We offer ALL KINDS of Specialty trained
Service Dogs & Therapy Dogs

We also offer a series of  "Train-Your-Own-
Service Dog"  Individual Manuals AND
Complete "Train-Your-Own-Service- Dog"
with Legal Public Access, for YOU to do at
home yourself
We also offer a series of   "Train-Your-Own-
Therapy Dog"  Individual Manuals AND
Complete  "Train-Your-Own-Therapy Dog"
Programs for YOU to do at home yourself
Visit us on   FACEBOOK!  Look for our sister
organization called,    CANINE  ASSISTED  
Just ask to join the group!  We will ask you
how you heard about us and why you want
to join, then, DONE!